Saving Ginkgo project


Saving Ginkgo project

Saving female ginkgo trees in cities

Saving Ginkgo project

은행 암나무

Female ginkgo trees have raised complaints due to the bad smell of the fruit.
SBI Savings Bank supports ginkgo trees so that they keep providing purified air and
protect us from fine dust.

"Saving Ginkgo project" is a social contribution campaign by SBI Savings Bank to
provide new home for female ginkgo trees that are on the verge of being cut down,
despite the cost it takes to move them.

Every time a ginkgo tree is saved, purified air and nature will accumulate as interests.

This is what SBI Savings Bank thinks of as a good savings, and saving hope.
Saving hope for the world.

- SBI Savings Bank and Songpa District co-worked for the project -



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  • sc2_process1

      PHASE 1  

    Art Exhibit Installation

    2018.8.5 - 2018.9.15

    Installing art exhibits in which
    the face of Gingko Trees is
    made, to enhance people's
    interest in ginkgo trees.

  • sc2_process2

      PHASE 2  

    Citizen Participation

    2018.9.15 - 2018.10.7

    Holding a hug donation
    event, in which citizens
    sympathize with the
    campaign in art exhibition

  • sc2_process3

      PHASE 3  

    Transplantation of
    ginkgo trees

    2018.10.15 - 2018.10.31

    Transplanting female ginkgo
    trees by the donation of
    the SBI Savings Bank,
    including hug donation.


Bank saving ginkgo trees

  •   Campaign Proposal  

    Project Initiation

    Ginkgo trees purify air, and bring romantic mood to the
    city in autumn by turning yellow.
    But the bad smell of their fruits have evoked
    complaints from citizens.

    As the complaints continued and the transplantation of
    trees required high costs,
    local governments have decided to cut them off.

    "Let's help them. It should be banks that save ginkgo trees"
    (In Korean, both bank and ginkgo have same pronunciation : [eunhaeng])

    SBI Savings Bank came forward to help transplant ginkgo trees
    that were about to be cut down, and Songpa district happily
    accepted the offer.

  •   Art Exhibition 1  

    Large EYEBALL

    We wanted to make campaign that announces
    the purpose of the campaign and
    makes people participate with public art.

    We wanted to make citizens participate
    in the campaign naturally
    by making them enjoy public art,
    such as taking photos.

    To make this happen, three large EYEBALLs
    with diameter of 2 meters were brought from 'Designs in Air,'
    a famous British artist group.

    The big and frightened eyeballs were decorated on the ginkgo trees,
    which were planted on right roadside of 'Peace Gate' in Olympics Park.

    The story of ginkgo trees with eyes shining at night
    were introduced on SNS by local residents,
    and press and media wrote stories about it.

  •   Art Exhibition 2  

    Face Wrapping Ginkgo Trees

    After equipping large EYEBALLs,
    In ginkgo tree-line roda, “Ginkgo Facial Roads” were created
    featuring various facial expressions of 48 Ginkgo trees.

    Korean installation artist Jeong Yeol and
    fashion designer Rigoon gave ginkgo trees witty face expressions.
    A casual place that had been passed through became a place that
    gives citizens a fairy tale experience and fun.

    Citizens walk along this street where various faces are displayed.
    They had the chance to think about the relationship
    between nature and human beings.

  •   Citizen Participation Event  

    Hug Donation

    Beyond viewing ginkgo art exhibits,
    a participatory event <SAVE A TREE WITH YOUR HUG> was promoted
    in order to draw support and participation to save female ginkgo trees.

    The event was held at the Olympics Park ginkgo tree-line street.
    It was a social hug donation,
    in which SBI Savings Bank donated 100 Korean Won per
    photo uploaded on Instagram.

    Photos included people hugging ginkgo trees
    with art exhibits and hashtag #saving ginkgo project.

    Citizens’ photos with the hashtag #saving ginkgo project
    led to direct contribution to fundraising.
    As a social media content,
    it played a big role in spreading the campaign story
    that drew 43,000 people’s support.

  •   Goods for Participants  

    Presenting a ginkgo badge as a gift

    We’ve made cute ginkgo badges so that citizens could feel friendly
    with and value them for a long time.

    During the event,
    we gave the badges to participants for free to thank them for
    visiting campaign spot and participating in hug donation.

    This badge became a popular item
    after participants posted photos about it on their SNS.

  •   Result  

    Transplantation Ginkgo trees

    With support from people participating the campaign,
    40 pieces of female ginkgo trees found new home.
    They were transplanted from side walk to a park near roadside
    during October 15th ~ October 31st, 2018.

    And the side walk were replaced by male ginkgo trees
    that do not bear fruits.
    Workers handled ginkgo trees with care so that trees can take
    their strong roots before cold winter coming.

    Respecting for life, and coexistence between human and nature is ‘Hope’.
    SBI savings bank’s CSR campaign <Saving Ginkgo project> saved
    the world’s cleanest interest: tomorrow’s clean air.



Watch the art exhibition promotion video

  • The project provides female ginkgo trees new home and
    beautiful coexistence with the ginkgo trees.


  • A decision made for win-win and coexistence with nature


  • An intriguing idea, bank saving ginkgo trees

    Maeil Business News

  • A campaign that makes people think of their childhood.
    It makes them thank ginkgo trees and realize the value of life.

    Huffington Post Korea

  • Fresh and new campaign that helps save environment
    while providing people beautiful photos of themselves



#Saving Ginkgo Trees Project

You can check out many citizens who participated in
hug donation event on Instagram.